Curriculum Vitae for Clive Loseby

(Music For Screen - Composer, Arranger, Producer)

photo: Clive Loseby

"Clive Loseby is an established, award-winning international composer whose credits include Walt Disney, Universal Studios, BBC, Channel 4, Pilot Productions, Discovery, Jaguar and the acclaimed ACAP campaign,which currently reaches 60 million people daily in Europe, the United States and Asia "



Piano, guitar and percussion. Digital sampling, sequencing, arranging, orchestration, live music and music production to Broadcast standard. Music for New Media.

Selected recent credits:

"Young Foresight" (BBC)

“Rendevous” (So What Films)

“Meat Me” (So What Films)

“Rhythm” (Janine Opal-Fischer - Dance film)

“Breaking the Circle” (8 mins) New composition presented in surround sound, The Showroom, Chichester

Views from the ground floor:

LDAF 6th National Film Festival, National Film Theatre + London, UK

FILE 2004 + Group Exhibition (festival) + Internet + São Paulo, Brazil

New Forms Festival + Group Exhibition + Online and Vancouver

Split Film Festival 04+ (Installation) Group Exhibition+ Croatia

SIGGRAPH 2004 (Los Angeles)

Thailand New Media Art Festival (Bangkok)

VI Salon Internanional de arte digital (Cuba)

Infomercial ( US Distribution)

Check a Trade - radio ad campaign

wildlife messages (32) for ACAP (Malaysia & India)

Score for Spooky Sisters - The Walt Disney Company

(Finalist Certificate Youth Programs (7-12) New York Festival 2004)

Christmas Trailer - The Walt Disney Company (Scandinavia)

Film Run Downs - The Walt Disney Company (Scandinavia)

Disney Heroes - The Walt Disney Company (Scandinavia)

Views from the ground floor Artist studio, Turbulence.org (Internet)

Fann Wong Messages ACAP (due to be shown on Discovery Europe, US and Asia)

Richard E Grant PAW message (UK Gov wildlife film)

Harwell (Amersham PLC) (corporate film)

Effluent (Amersham PLC) (corporate film)

In-One Worldwide (corporate film)

Amersham PLC (corporate film)

Charlotte Uhlenbroek Messages ACAP (due to be shown on Discovery Europe, US and Asia)

"When the Buying Stops, the Killing can Too" (ACAP 1997 30 minute film premiered on UK Satellite)

Jackie Chan Messages ACAP (shown on Discovery Europe, US and Asia)

Jaguar 'F type' film Jaguar

Gary Linekar Messages ACAP (shown on Discovery Europe, US and Asia)

"The Dream" (soundtrack) net.art collaboration at Futherfield http://www.futherfield.org

Mexican stuff Pilot Productions

ACAP Promo ACAP Ralph Fiennes Messages ACAP (shown on Discovery Europe, US and Asia)

"The Dream" (soundtrack) net.art collaboration Rhizome Artbase http://www.rhizome.org

Minnie Driver messages ACAP

Michalla Strachan message ACAP

"Jazz Thang" Green House Productions

"Beginning Two" Black Diamond Films (Free Spirit)

PSB Wildaid (US)

"The Kingfisher Tailor" Peppers Ghost.Trailer

Promo Dragons Tale Films

'in the dark' net.art collaboration Rhizome Artbase http://rhizome.org

Corporate film Loughborough University

"The Sinister Nature of Objects" Universal Studios

Winner of a Silver Award for "Best Interstitial " at the International Promax and BDA Awards

"Foresight" DTI website

"Chan Two" (Jackie Chan Endangered Animals short shown on Discovery Europe, US and Asia)

"Bosnia" Channel Four (Pulp)

"Beginning One" Experimental vocal project with Sarah Erasmus

"Inversion" Post-modern dance performed at the Minerva Theatre, Chichester

"The Edge" British Airways corporate film

"Weather & Seasons" 6 Orchestral pieces for a CD-ROM

"When The Buying Stops The Killing Can Too" Original score for 30-minute film for Moving Picture Company

Professional Bodies

Member of BACS, PRS, MCPS, FSB


Clive Loseby

Rather Good Productions: PO Box 90, Chichester, PO20 7WA

tel: +44 (0) 1243-514567 fax: +44 (0) 8707-052683

mob: +44 (0) 7973-159347



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